How To Use Google Fonts In Your Blog And Why To Use?


Choosing the right font is one of the most important things to keep in mind while designing your blog. But most of us tend to use the default standard and old serif and sans-serif family. One of the reasons of using the standard fonts is that it ensures maximum compatibility with almost any browser but […]

Best Way For Students To Make Money Online


Most of the students accessing internet to chat with their friends in Facebook, Google+ and other social medias. Some others waste time for online gaming. Is there any benefit in that? Some of them try how to earn money from internet but they don’t know how to earn money from internet. Today I am giving […]

Hide Comment Authors Website Link from Name and Avatar


Many wordpress blog webmaster wants to remove or auto hide commenter’s website link’s which is add their blog visitor by using wordpress blog’s comment form Url fild.  Though wordpress comments all the links are added by default auto Nofollow. But webmaster are wants that any visitor cannot unwelcomely go out of their blog by clicking […]

How To Create A Simple WordPress Widget (in 5 steps)


Widgets do play a very vital role in your WordPress blog/site and therefore they need to be given high priority. There are hundreds, or maybe thousands, of developers around the world who have built thousands of widgets. These range from simple ones (like we’re going to learn in this tutorial) to advanced widgets (often made […]

How To Fix (and avoid) The “500 Internal Server Error” On Your Site


Web-masters like you and me are ever online – maybe from several different devices. Therefore, the site has to be live and it’s the web-host’s duty. However, there are may sites that suffer the “500 Internal Server Error” several times during the day. Most of the web-masters think that it is the host’s fault (or […]

How To Make An Eye Catching Blogger Blog?


After publishing a Stylish Social Media Connect Widget For Blogger I am coming with a different topic and different post “How to make an eye catching blog”. Last two days I am was busy with my university exams. Any way today we are discussing about how to make your blog perfect and eye catching one. […]

Stylish Social Media Connect Widget for Blogger


Social media connect widget is an important element of a professional blog site. You can stay connected your blog visitor by using this widget. Some people are use lower stylish social connect widget, that cannot attract their blog visitor/reader. That’s way they are not get enough social media followers. For this kinds of blogger we […]

5 Best ways to Make Your Blog Visible To Search Engines

Blog Visible To Search Engines

Today we discussing about how to make your blog visible to the search engine. It is very important to know how to get your blog noticed by search engine. If your blog is not that much of visible to the search engine then you don’t have readers from search. Below are some of tips I’ll […]

5 Things To Do After Publishing A Blog Post


Many bloggers believe that their job ends at pressing the ‘Publish’ button, which is not true at all. A blog post needs many things to be done after it has been published. This article will discuss five things that one must do after publishing a blog post. Note that not all might be applicable for […]

Add Tabbed Style Sitemap Widget to Blogger


Hello Reader! hope you are everyone is well. After a long time working now I am come with an awesome blogger table of content/Sitemap widget for you. This sitemap widget is totally different form other older style sitemap. This sitemap is tabbed style and made with some new JavaScript codes, that’s make this widget is […]