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The Most Common Reasons for 500 Errors

Internal server errors can be caused by a few different things. When you receive an error "Internal server error 500" on your site, the best way to find the reason for it is to check the error log. You can do this by using "Error" tool from cPanel. You will get it in the Metrics section of you Read full article →

10 Ways To Become A Better Blogger

The internet is raining blogs.  Before, blogs were just like personal diaries but now, blogs are used for various reasons.  There are some who blog to promote a business; some do it to meet new people, some blog to release their creative juices and some blog to help others by giving good information generously.  Every Read full article →

Is SEO The Only Way To Get Traffic to Your Blog?

The most important aspect in building a successful online presence is to get traffic to your blog. If you have a blog and you are trying hard to get traffic from search engines, i.e. organic traffic, but still you are not able to do it then its not your fault. The cut-throat competition, different algorithm Read full article →

How to Achieve Social Success Through Blogs

To achieve success through blogs, you must make sure that your blog is laid out in a format that will help it become successful. Most Internet users do not read the whole content they are looking at, they scan it for key and interesting parts. To get off to a good start, you have to Read full article →

5 Reasons to Have a Mobile Friendly Site

In this era where technology is getting better every second, it’s not jaw dropping to hear that more than 1.5 billion smartphones are being used worldwide. At the current stage, it is also assumed that the usage of Internet on mobiles shall overtake the amount of Internet usage on desktops. With this growing speed, numerous Read full article →

5 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes From Themeforest

When the question is about setting up an eCommerce site, one has to choose between the best eCommerce WordPress Themes available on the web. The payment options, ease of use and many more factors are to be considered. WordPress has actually becoming a choice for having eCommerce sites instead of custom-made programs and themes because Read full article →

5 Simple Tips For Image Optimization

SEO is defined as the process of optimizing a webpage so as to make it gain ranks in the search engines. These search engines are life to any website. The most prominent position in the search engine means a more targeted traffic which means more viewers or sales for your message. That is the reason Read full article →

Siteground Web-Hosting – An Unbiased Review

Recently, I changed my web-host and transferred all my websites from Hostgator to Siteground. If I keep it in short and simple language, I’d say that I haven’t been so pleased and happy before with any web hosts that I’ve used, namely – GoDaddy (I started from here), Bluehost & then Hostgator. But I’m sure Read full article →

Sliding Social Share Buttons for Blogger

Now a days most of Bloggers depending on the social network to get traffic for their website. Blogger is one of the best platform that you allows to write and also spread your contents. If you write original and good quality contents in your blog the visitors will share content in Social network. After sharing Read full article →

2 Quick Ways to Make Money from Forums as a Blogger

When you say that you want to make money blogging, forums are also a great part of the same. To make money from forums needs you to have patience – a phrase that is applicable in most parts of our lives. Assuming that you’re a blogger, I’ll be discussing some quick ways to make money Read full article →