Instant Commissions – JVZoo Review


JVZoo is renowned for it’s facility of paying out instant commissions to its publishers. This means that if a purchase is made through an affiliate link, the publisher is instantly paid the commission, which is directly sent to his/her Paypal account. Moreover, JVZoo is a unique platform for advertisers as well. This is because it […]

Essential Tips For WordPress Blog Security


Beware the new blog hacker! A new WordPress blog has that same smell as a new car. Any time I install a new blog, I can feel the freshness of it and relish the first post! It’s just like the first paragraph on the first page of a new notebook but it can quickly turn […]

Top 10 Google Web Fonts – Make Your Blog Look Awesome


Google web fonts is the least complicated font embedding service which allow you to use non-standard fonts on your blog or website. Currently Google web fonts directory offers more than 500 different fonts to choose from and the number is growing steadily. It is natural that when we have more options to choose, we often […]

Should You Buy Expired Domains To Reduce SEO Efforts?

Buy Expired Domains

If you’re planning to buy an expired domain, then it is an excellent idea, as you’re not required to put hard labor to enhance your SEO techniques. A large number of people are employing this technique to get the benefits of the old but expired domains. Generally, an expired domain name has authority as well […]

Add Html5 Facebook Recommendations Bar to Blogger

Facebook Recommendations Bar

After publishing a post on our blog on adding HTML5 version of Facebook like box which have the potential to boost your Facebook fans, we mentioned that Facebook has lot of other plugins to offer for bloggers and website owners. So, in this post we will going to discus and adding Facebook Recommendations Bar plugin, […]

Add nofollow tag to all blogger label links

Add nofollow tag to blogger label

All are known one thing that Google search engine is fully depending upon Google’s latest algorithm. Now Google algorithm is very strict and labels are looks like content farm if you don’t add the nofollow tag in your blogger labels Google will stop indexing your Blogger posts. Friends in past times if your blog is […]

WordPress Backup To Dropbox Plugin – A Free Backup Tool

WordPress Backup To Dropbox Plugin – A Free Backup Tool

Backing up your WordPress media and database is a vital activity that needs to be carried out regularly, at a defined frequency. Being busy, it is not possible for most of the WordPress users to do it manually i.e. Open the FTP>Start Downloading>Wait For The Download To Finish>Store It Somewhere Safely>Repeat The Process Regularly. Therefore, […]