The 7 Worst Things You Could DO to Your Twitter


The number of people using social networks is rapidly increasing. This is because the Internet is becoming accessible to many people across the world. All sorts of businesses can promote their products and services to existing and potential clients and customers. If any business wishes to furtherly expand their network, especially Twitter, here are a […]

How to Gain RSS Subscribers: Simple Tricks


Creating and maintaining a website or blog can be difficult, but once you know you’ve got that golden idea and want to gain readers, you must maintain consistency and growth or your site will get lost in the abyss that is the World Wide Web.  RSS feeds, also known as Rich Site Summary or Really […]

Why RSS Still Play Important Role In Your Blogging


Today we are discussing about why RSS still play important role in your blogging. I strongly believe that building an email list is one of the key ingredients to successful blogging or doing business online, I also don’t overlook the importance of increasing RSS subscribers too, especially since I’ve noticed that quite a few bloggers […]

4 Most Noticed Things in an Article


Being a blog-owner, you surely know how many readers does your blogs have on average. One rule of blogging is that the author has to write for the readers. All this proves that without readers, a blog is just another stone lying somewhere in on planet Earth. Every reader has his/her own way of reading […]

3 Must Have Widgets In Your Blog Sidebar


Widgets play a very important role in your blog, especially if it is based on WordPress because WP gives a very high priority to the functioning of widgets in your widgetized areas (usually the sidebar & the footer, but not limited to it). In this article, I shall only talk about the important widgets in […]

3 Ways to Make Money With Private Ads


Private ads, as opposed to advertisement programs such as Google Adsense, are really eye-catching and profitable as a site owner doesn’t have to follow the pay-per-click (PPC) rule. Getting private advertisers to advertise on your site/blog could take some time, but what doesn’t huh? So here are 3 tips that will help you earn through […]