5 Best ways to Make Your Blog Visible To Search Engines

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Today we discussing about how to make your blog visible to the search engine. It is very important to know how to get your blog noticed by search engine. If your blog is not that much of visible to the search engine then you don’t have readers from search. Below are some of tips I’ll be sharing on making your blog easily visible to search engines, so it’s easier for you to increase your audience.

5 Best ways to Make Your Blog Visible To Search Engines

Submit your blog Search Engines

It’s one of the simplest ways to effectively increase visibility to your readers. Submit your blog to popular search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. You can also create sitemaps.

Update your blog regularly

If your blog has been noticed already by viewers, you need to populate it with fresh updates on a regular basis so people will always be looking forward to visiting it.

Select an attractive and unique blog template.

The site’s appearance is the first thing a visitor will ever see, so by having a beautiful, clean and sleek design, you can attract more followers. But be careful in selecting a design. Pick the theme that will mostly help convert your posts. Go for a more professional look if you want to promote your brand.

Interact with your readers.

Constant interaction and activity with your audience is a must if you want your blog to get noticed. Allow readers to post comments on your posts and reply to them. This increases your blog’s chances of being visible because of keywords written by your readers.

Use Social Networking and bookmarking sites

Social networking and bookmarking sites have the power to connect to a lot of people all over the globe, so use them to your advantage. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. are especially useful tools in expanding your network.


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That’s all…Don’t forget to use the comment box for your valuable thoughts…

At last have a nice day…

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5 Things To Do After Publishing A Blog Post

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Many bloggers believe that their job ends at pressing the ‘Publish’ button, which is not true at all. A blog post needs many things to be done after it has been published. This article will discuss five things that one must do after publishing a blog post. Note that not all might be applicable for your blog conditions and environments, thus you’re advised to carefully analyze before following all the things mentioned below.5 Things To Do After Publishing A Blog PostAlso make sure that your post is already in its best form i.e. it contains relevant interlinks, the on-page SEO is up to the mark and is formatted in the best way possible. If all is done, then you’re free to publish the post and then quickly follow the tips mentioned in this post.

01) Ping Your Blog

It is always recommended to quickly ‘ping’ your blog to the search engines so that the new posts can be indexed as soon as possible. A very easy way to ping your blog is by using an online tool known as Ping-o-Matic, which pings and updates your blog in the eyes of major search engine services.  Although there are hundreds of such services out there, Ping-o-Matic focuses on the important ones.

It also provides a direct bookmark, which when clicked will automatically ping your blog. Therefore, you’ll not have to write the details again and again.

02) Manual Tweeting

Although your blog might be automatically shared on social networks, there is something which is different when you do it manually. For example, if you tweet a post manually, you can add your own desired hashtags, @mention people (the author, for example) etc. Sharing your posts manually is always a different aspect than to have it being done automatically.

03) Manual Updating On Facebook

Just like in the case above, there are several tools which can automatically post updates on Facebook for your new blog posts. But again – doing it manually just makes things better. For example, you might want to share the link along with an image. Such activities are not done by the automatic tools.

You can also promote your updates by paying a small fee to Facebook. Promotions guarantee a wide reach to the fans, and their friends. Normal fees to promote a single post are $5-10.

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04) Social Bookmarking

There are social sites from where you might not get much traffic, but yet sharing on such sites is vital because you get the backlinks. Be it dofollow or nofollow, you are getting the backlinks. Social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Reddit, Stumble Upon, ScoopIt etc. posses a very high page rank, therefore the backlinks that your blogs get are quality.

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Remember that backlinks will be responsible for increasing the organic traffic of your blog. If not now, then definitely later.

05) Asking Friends To Share

Asking your friends to share your blog posts, if the posts are worth it, has never been a harm and will never be one. If you believe that your posts deserve a share, why not ask for one from your friends. You can also tag them, which will influence them to share the posts without being asked directly.

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Add Tabbed Style Sitemap Widget to Blogger

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Hello Reader! hope you are everyone is well. After a long time working now I am come with an awesome blogger table of content/Sitemap widget for you. This sitemap widget is totally different form other older style sitemap. This sitemap is tabbed style and made with some new JavaScript codes, that’s make this widget is totally unique and look much attractive. This widget’s is tested on responsive template, and working very well. However now we will see that how to add this widget on your blog.

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Add Tabbed Style Sitemap Widget to Blogger

Live Demo

How to add Setup Sitemap to Blogger Blog?

  Follow our instructions and screenshot's  carefully to setup it on your blog perfectly.

1. First Go to Blogger > Pages

Add Tabbed Style Sitemap Widget to Blogger

2. Now Click On New Page "Blank Page"

Add Tabbed Style Sitemap Widget to Blogger

3. Now Select "HTML" page

Add Tabbed Style Sitemap Widget to Blogger

4. Now Copy the Code Given Below and Paste it to Here

----------------------------------------------- */
#tabbed-toc{-moz-box-shadow:0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.4);-webkit-box-shadow:0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.4);background-color:#111;box-shadow:0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.4);color:#333;margin:0 auto;overflow:hidden;position:relative;width:99%;}
#tabbed-toc .loading{color:#FFF;display:block;font:normal bold 10px Arial,Sans-Serif;padding:5px 10px;}
#tabbed-toc ul,#tabbed-toc ol,#tabbed-toc li{list-style:none;margin:0;padding:0;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs{float:left;width:20%;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a{color:#ccc;cursor:pointer;display:block;font:normal bold 10px/28px Arial,Sans-Serif;height:28px;overflow:hidden;padding:0 12px;text-decoration:none;text-overflow:ellipsis;text-transform:uppercase;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a:hover{background-color:#444;color:#FFF;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a.active-tab{-moz-box-shadow:-2px 2px 2px rgba(0,0,0,.5);-webkit-box-shadow:-2px 2px 2px rgba(0,0,0,.5);background-color:#e74c3c;box-shadow:-2px 2px 2px rgba(0,0,0,.5);color:#FFF;margin:0 -1px 0 0;position:relative;z-index:5;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-content,#tabbed-toc .divider-layer{-moz-box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;background-color:#FFF;border-left:5px solid #e74c3c;box-sizing:border-box;float:right;width:80%;}
#tabbed-toc .divider-layer{-moz-box-shadow:0 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.7);-webkit-box-shadow:0 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.7);bottom:0;box-shadow:0 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.7);display:block;float:none;position:absolute;right:0;top:0;}
#tabbed-toc .panel{font:normal normal 10px Arial,Sans-Serif;position:relative;z-index:5;}
#tabbed-toc .panel li a{color:#333;display:block;font-size:11px;font-weight:700;height:30px;line-height:30px;outline:none;overflow:hidden;padding:0 12px;position:relative;text-decoration:none;}
#tabbed-toc .panel li time{color:#666;display:block;float:right;font-size:10px;font-style:italic;font-weight:400;}
#tabbed-toc .panel li .summary{border-bottom:4px solid #275827;display:block;font-style:italic;overflow:hidden;padding:10px 12px;}
#tabbed-toc .panel li .summary img.thumbnail{background-color:#fafafa;border:1px solid #dcdcdc;display:block;float:left;height:72px;margin:0 8px 0 0;padding:4px;width:72px;}
#tabbed-toc .panel li:nth-child(even){background-color:#f1f1f1;color:#fff;font-size:10px;}
#tabbed-toc .panel li a:hover,#tabbed-toc .panel li a:focus,#tabbed-toc .panel li a:hover time,#tabbed-toc .panel li.bold a{background-color:#333;color:#FFF;outline:none;}
#tabbed-toc .panel li.bold a:hover,#tabbed-toc .panel li.bold a:hover time{background-color:#222;}
@media max-width700px {
#tabbed-toc{background-color:#fff;border:0 solid #888;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs,#tabbed-toc .toc-content{display:block;float:none;overflow:hidden;width:auto;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li{display:inline;float:left;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a,#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a.active-tab{-moz-box-shadow:2px 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.4);-webkit-box-shadow:2px 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.4);background-color:#111;box-shadow:2px 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.4);color:#ccc;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a.active-tab{background-color:#DF1010;color:#fff;}
#tabbed-toc .toc-content{border:none;}
#tabbed-toc .divider-layer,#tabbed-toc .panel li time{display:none;}
<div id="tabbed-toc">
<span class="loading">Loading...</span></div>
<br />
<script type="text/javascript">
var tabbedTOC = {
blogUrl: "http://www.mybloggerblog.com/",
containerId: "tabbed-toc",
activeTab: 1,
showDates: false,
showSummaries: false,
numChars: 200,
showThumbnails: false,
thumbSize: 40,
noThumb: "",
monthNames: [
newTabLink: true,
maxResults: 99999,
preload: 0,
showNew: 7,
newText: " - <em style='color:red;'>New!</em>"
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourjavascript.com/24184422821/tabbed-toc.js"></script>
<small><div style="font-size:50%; text-align:right;"><a href="http://www.mybloggerblog.com/2014/08/add-tabbed-style-sitemap-widget-to_28.html" target="_blank" title="Get This Widgets">Widget by MyBloggerBlog.Com</a></div></small>

Add Tabbed Style Sitemap Widget to Blogger

Replace http://www.mybloggerblog.com/ With Your Website URL

5. Now Click on "Publish" Post

You are done.

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New To Blogging? Avoid These Things For Now

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It is any new blogger’s dream to be on the top in the niche some day. Even today, many people join the blogging world just by reading those eBooks by successful bloggers. These new people often get inspired by the current successful ones, but they forget that they’re yet new to blogging. The successful ones have been through a lot of hard work, dedication, failures (yes!) and much more.

New To Blogging? Avoid These Things For Now

The article should rather be taken personally because I’m assuming that you, the reader, are yet new to blogging and hence I’m addressing you with all the points mentioned here. Mentioned below are five things you should avoid as a newbie blogger.

Being The Multi-Tasker

Being new in the blogosphere, you might get some exciting engagement on your blog posts. This often happens as the ‘settled’ bloggers often welcome the new ones by leaving comments on the posts, sharing them around and make them feel that they have actually taken a great step.

The unseen problem here is that the new bloggers, being over-excited, often start a new blog in a different niche! That means that instead of excelling with the just-started blog, there’s already one more out there. Give it a break, and focus on what you’ve started rather than starting a new project.

Falling For Stupid Offers

Newbies are often offered offers which tend to ruin their blogging career. Some of such offers are the following.

      • Buying Twitter Followers
      • Buying Facebook Likes
      • Buying Traffic (The worst thing ever)
      • Exchanging Clicks On ads

Such offers look nice from far, but as you go near they are terrifying. It is strongly advised that you never fall for such offers. They might do good to you now, but will surely make you regret later.

Forceful Monetization

Most bloggers start a niche blog in order to make money blogging, which is a good thing as they do deserve it. But the problem is that the monetization part takes the highest priority instead of being the lowest. New blogs are often filled up with ads all around. Sidebars, Headers, In-Content, Footers etc. is hardly empty for the new blogs.

This is not a good practice, as quality speaks not the ads. You should always wait for the money. When it has to come, it will. You need to force it by putting the useless ‘magnets’ to attract the money.

Those were three basic things to avoid as a new blogger. Once you settle in the blogosphere, the following shall be the scenario.

  • Point Number 1 should be fine now – no issues!
  • You wouldn’t need to buy anything – as you’ll be getting it all!
  • Money shall flow towards you – for sure.

The above mentioned bullets shall take place once you become a so called successful blogger. Until then, you are new to blogging and don’t go for the mentioned points.

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5 Best Sources To Get High Quality Images For Your Blog

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5 Best Sources To Get High Quality Images For Your BlogImages are essential when blogging because it is one way of enhancing your search engine popularity. For website content as well photos must be posted to a catchy front page. There are image sources online that caters to these needs that a blogger or a website owner could remain on their computers and not hunt for subjects to be photographed. The image stock agencies sell pictures that are royalty-free which means that upon payment you own the picture. The prices may not be uniform for every webpage but surely each has their own unique taste that business people in various spheres trusts.

Following are 5 best image sources where you can obtain first-class and remarkable photos. These companies are seasoned and reputable that their names still dominate the online scene despite years of existence.


Visit The Site – BigStockPhoto.Com

This company was built in 2004 and flourishing still to this day. Images can be bought here whether for blog or for web content. The photos are of good quality and the aesthetic feature is outstanding. A large collection is provided for the clients so they can get what is appropriate for their needs.

The feature of this photo vending site that most appeal to the public is their affordability without risking quality. The photos come from contributing photographers everywhere screened and approved by the site. The images are then downloaded by the photographers according to their category and named with the appropriate keywords. This is actually a two-way earning program and it works.


They have combos where a buyer can choose among the packages provided to save money. The more photos you buy, the lesser the price goes. The images can be bought through credits estimated from $0.5 and up.


Visit The Site – iStockPhoto

iStock started in 2006 as an independent business entity under Getty Images as the sister company. Breathtaking photography and heaps of them are on the site and categorized for easy navigation. This company started out with a considerable number of images sold to individuals and companies. Quality and artistry per se, you will adore iStock but the price has always lived up to the craftsmanship of the photos.

Photographers from all over the world applies here for their photos to be published so that with the sale, they get a commission. Whether you are a newbie or a professional you can apply as long as your images pass their requirements. They are screened for creativity and quality and if they pass, the photographers can now sit and wait for the money.


The photos are sold by credits and each credit starts at $1.75 each if you buy an initial of 8 credits for small projects. You will pay $1.54 each for big projects if you buy 150 credits for start off. The prices go down when you buy in bulk. The photos can be bought for 1 credit up to more than 100 but you can also go to the dollar bin if you are on a budget.


Visit The Site – ShutterStock

This is another photo selling agency that went live in 2003. In the beginning only the owner had his photo collection displayed on this site but in time, due to the increasing client visits, other photographers are welcomed to submit their work for selling. Just like the former two, the photos should pass the requirements to be accomodated. Upon selling, a fixed payment depending on popularity is awarded to the photographer. Everyone is welcome to contribute as long as the person is above 18 and passes the interview.


The packages for subscription are flexible which are categorized into standard and enhanced depending on the need and preference of the buyer. You can get an image for $0.2 each if you get the year round combo pack.


Visit The Site – Fotolia

This is a photo and video stock agency that has acquired a good reputation since its dawn in 2005. They are clear about providing their clients vivid photos with talented photographers contributing to the vast photo inventory. This company is a steady competitor of the former three and has the quality to keep up with the rivalry.

For the photographers who contribute to the webpage, they get a commission when their photos are bought. If it remains untouched for six months, their value will go down to the minimum. In the event where it goes alive again and gain popularity to the buyer, the price will go up. There is a pixel requirement for the photographs because the clients order them in different sizes. Enhancements are not tolerated on resolutions.

These photographs can be used for blogs, content and others. The resolution is top-notch as always and the choices are enormous. Just browse to the category of your choice and a world of exquisite photographs will parade in front of you. Whatever your purpose for these photos, surely you would find what is suitable for you because of the millions of images filed since 2005.


The photos are sold at $0.74 for people who download a few and for the avid patron who requires bulk; the images are put up for wholesale with roughly $0.19 which is a lot of savings.


Visit The Site – 123RF

This company has debuted in 2005 with already millions of photographs in their catalog not to mention the contributions of other photographers for the succeeding years. They have a site built especially for mobile devices which is now serving their customers. This is to ensure that wherever their clients are, they will be catered for.

The photos are fresh because of the vast new pieces that come in a daily basis. You can be sure that the resolution is high quality. Choices for size can be specified depending on your needs.


Prices vary with package specification starting at $0.44. You can also avail of the premium plan specifically for those companies needing volumes of pictures for the blog sites that can go as low as $0.25.

The photo libraries online provides their subscribers best resolution photos that are living up the price tag. You could get good deals if you are determined in searching for the best. This 5 photo stock agency are the established in this field that they have collected the finest.There are millions of photos that everything you search for is here.

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How To Add & Style A “Read More” Link In WordPress Excerpt

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How To Add & Style A “Read More” Link In WordPress ExcerptThe WordPress excerpt is part of the post content, excluding the headings and media, that is taken and displayed where called (in the template file). The most basic and definite reason why excerpts are more preferred than the <!–more–> tags is that there is nothing required from the users side. Once called in the template by the theme, the excerpt shows up automatically. It is also important to know that the default WordPress Excerpt length is 55 characters. However, this is changeable.

A small disadvantage of having an excerpt, rather than the <!–more–> tag is that excerpts, by default, do not have any link contained within unlike the <!–more–> tags which display a link to the full article. Nonetheless, this post shall get you a desired “Read More” link in WordPress excerpt. Follow the steps below, which shall guide you on how to add the “Read More” link into your excerpts and also style them (or convert them into buttons!).

Adding The Read More Link Into The Excerpt

The following code snippet helps you to add the link after the end of the excerpt. It also gets rid of the unwanted[...] after the excerpt text. You’re Free To Change The Text In Bold To Whatever You Wish. By Default, it reads “Continue Reading →“.

function read_more_excerpt($more) {

global $post;

return '… <a title="'. get_the_title($ID) . '" href="'. get_permalink($post->ID) . '">' . 'Continue Reading →' . '</a>';


add_filter('excerpt_more', 'read_more_excerpt');

*The above code snippet is to be placed in the functions.php file of your current theme. It is usually found in your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Editor > functions.php. However, in some themes like the Thesis WordPress Theme, it is named as custom.php, and located inside the specific skin being used.

Styling The Read More Link In Excerpts

When the above code snippet is added, the ‘Continue Reading →’ doesn’t look as attractive as it should. However, there’s always a solution for every problem. The following code snippet will add the basic styles, and the later one will help you make the link a button.

.post_excerpt a {

display: block;

padding: 10px 0;


That snippet simply adds the link below the excerpt so that the readers can see it quickly. It also adds some spacing on the top and bottom of the link – making it more clear.

Make The Link A Button

As mentioned before, the following snippet will convert the link into a clickable button. The button is preferred by some who prefer a flat layout and love the usage of colors with flat elements. You’re always free to change the colors and other stuff in the code, if you’re sure you know it.

.post_excerpt a {

padding: 8px 12px;

background: #19a086;

color: #fff;

clear: both;

display: table;

margin: 12px 0px;

font-size: 14px;

border-radius: 5px;


.post_excerpt a:hover {

background: #168a74;


*Note – Only add one of the 2 styles mentioned above. If you just want the link to look clean, go for the first one. If you need the link to be a button (makes it a classy-green button with the above styles, but you’re free to change the color), then add the second snippet.

Also note that the above will be added either into your style.css file (at the very bottom) or into your custom.css (or similar file provided by the theme) if present.

Those snippet combinations shall help you get a “Read More” link in WordPress Excerpts for your blog(s).

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Top 10 WordPress Amazing Plugins

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Today WordPress is an most popular blogging platform. Mainly for starting an WordPress blog needed many more plugins for better starting but if you are an new in WordPress blog then better is to read some topics related to WordPress plugins. In this topic you will getting some WordPress useful plugins that can helping you much more for starting an valuable WordPress blog or professional blog.

Top 10 WordPress Amazing Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

1) Reply Me Plugin

This is an plugin is sending an email to who leaves comments in your site or blog. This plugin increase your blog quality. For downloading this plugin click below downloading link.

Download Reply Me Plugin.

2) Widget Context Plugin

This plugin help you add sidebar in your wish. Means you can different widgets in your different pages. This plugin is giving you an professional look for your site and you will add many more things in your site. For downloading this plugin click below downloading link.

Download Widget Context Plugin.

3) W3 Total Cache Plugin

This is one of the popular plugin in 201. This WordPress plugin is increasing your site loading speed with an faster way and its store static version for your site. For downloading this plugin click the below link.

Download W3 Total Cache Plugin.

4) Thanks Me Later Plugin

Its an great and awesome Plugin. This plugin send emails for first time visitors. For using this plugin you will getting your readers come back in your site with much more high traffic. Click the below to download this plugin.

Download Thank Me Later Plugin.

5) Slidepost Plugin Plugin

For using this plugin you show your posts in slideshow. In this plugin you will getting jQuery option, description option, logo option and many more. If you are starting a bigger site then this plugin is best for you. Below link to download this plugin.

Download Slidepost Plugin.

6) WordPress Seo-Rank Plugin

This is one of the most popular SEO plugin. This plugin reporting in your dashboard statistics of your site rank. In this plugin you will getting your ranks like Alexa rank, Google page rank and many more. Below link to download this plugin.

Download WordPress Seo-Rank Plugin.

7) Ad Codes Widget Plugin

This plugin is working best for popular sites. In this plugin is working for advertise any size of banners to add in your site. You can also paste any JavaScript, php files its working perfectly.

Donload Ad Codes Widget Plugin.

8) WP Code Editor Plus Plugin Plugin

For using this plugin to you can edit your WordPress blog script. Also you can use this plugin to add JavaScript codes to decorate your blog with an professional look. Below link to downloading this plugin.

Download WP Code Editor Plus Plugin.

9) Minimum Comment Length Plugin

This plugin is best for professional blogs because after you adding this plugin your comment system only accept more than 20 character comments not less than that then its better for all blog. For getting this plugin visit the below link.

Download Minimum Comment Length Plugin.

10) Advanced Tagline Plugin

Its displays many tags in your each post then readers can easily getting her searching keywords. Then this plugin is helping you much more better than your previous time. Visit the below link to download this plugin.

Download Advanced Tagline Plugin.

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