4 Most Noticed Things in an Article


Being a blog-owner, you surely know how many readers does your blogs have on average. One rule of blogging is that the author has to write for the readers. All this proves that without readers, a blog is just another stone lying somewhere in on planet Earth. Every reader has his/her own way of reading […]

3 Must Have Widgets In Your Blog Sidebar


Widgets play a very important role in your blog, especially if it is based on WordPress because WP gives a very high priority to the functioning of widgets in your widgetized areas (usually the sidebar & the footer, but not limited to it). In this article, I shall only talk about the important widgets in […]

3 Ways to Make Money With Private Ads


Private ads, as opposed to advertisement programs such as Google Adsense, are really eye-catching and profitable as a site owner doesn’t have to follow the pay-per-click (PPC) rule. Getting private advertisers to advertise on your site/blog could take some time, but what doesn’t huh? So here are 3 tips that will help you earn through […]

How to Start Google AdSense sharing Feature in Blogger


The Google AdSense revenue sharing in blogger needed some easy techniques. We all are already seen AdSense revenue sites are only in php and asp sites but we are not finding Google AdSense revenue sharing feature in blogger platform yes you are right. This is not officially started you need to apply manually in your […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Blog Interesting


Now that you’ve created a blog and are looking to blogging, you also need to keep your blog interesting to get more visitors preferably repeat visitors. Let me tell you the 5 different ways in which you can create and keep up an interesting blog. Continue reading and find out whether your blog is interesting […]

A Post A Day Keeps The Engagement Away


How Often Should I Post? – A question being asked by many bloggers and the answer being given by many as well. Between these discussions, I saw a couple of threads saying “I post daily yet I don’t get much blog engagement” and I hence thought to go deep into that statement. I looked at […]