Get .edu and .gov Backlinks!


Every webmaster wants to get .edu and .gov backlinks for their blog. Blog site with .edu and .gov  top level domain are very popular to get backlinks. Because  Google or other search engine respect those type of website . But very difficult to finding such type of blog site related to your blog. So, in […]

How To Make Money Using Twitter


Apart from ways to make money blogging, bloggers, at times, look for ways to make money using Twitter which is in fact a great and innovative idea. Well of course there are many factors to be considered before you can reach a good level where you can make money using Twitter, hence we’re going to […]

3 Ways to Increase Social Media Sharing


Starting with the best way, here are three foolproof ways to increase social media sharing. If you work these correctly (and add a little luck), you can have people sharing your efforts for years to come (seriously!).   Recommended post: How to Get Traffic from Facebook for Your Website 1st Way: Funny, Annotated Pictures The first […]

4 Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners


A blogger is a business person in the internet marketing. And blogging is to drive maximum traffic to your site, but in an ethical way. Enough quality content should be present on the site for a reader to read, because with so much competition in the internet market it’s difficult to get consumers on your […]

Show User Name and Login/Logout Link to wordpress Custom Menu


In this tutorial I will show you how to add or support login/logout link to wordpress navigation menu. And how to display profile link with current user’s name without using any plugins. If you want to add this option to give your users the facility to sign in/sign out, then you can use this code. After […]

How To Use Google Fonts In Your Blog And Why To Use?


Choosing the right font is one of the most important things to keep in mind while designing your blog. But most of us tend to use the default standard and old serif and sans-serif family. One of the reasons of using the standard fonts is that it ensures maximum compatibility with almost any browser but […]

Best Way For Students To Make Money Online


Most of the students accessing internet to chat with their friends in Facebook, Google+ and other social medias. Some others waste time for online gaming. Is there any benefit in that? Some of them try how to earn money from internet but they don’t know how to earn money from internet. Today I am giving […]

Hide Comment Authors Website Link from Name and Avatar


Many wordpress blog webmaster wants to remove or auto hide commenter’s website link’s which is add their blog visitor by using wordpress blog’s comment form Url fild.  Though wordpress comments all the links are added by default auto Nofollow. But webmaster are wants that any visitor cannot unwelcomely go out of their blog by clicking […]