How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Blog


No doubt that to increase the traffic on your blog, you need to increase the number of pageviews that you receive on it. You might be receiving satisfactory or good number of unique visitors, but the thing to notice is whether or not are those visitors reading more of your content once they land up […]

Effective Interlinking Tips For Blog Posts


Interlinking is one of the major factors for on-page SEO. You must be using an SEO plugin like SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, SEOPressor or simply SEO by Thesis. All these plugins and features strongly advice you to interlink your posts within your posts, and millions follow their advice. All the bloggers […]

Affiliate Ads vs PPC Ads – What Works Better?


Do have have a few/or many affiliate ads (banners) on your blog? And along with that, do you even use PPC (Pay Per Click) ads? If your answer to both the questions above is YES, then have you ever wondered what really gets you/might get you more income? Let’s discuss more on this and learn […]

Some Blogging Tips To Earn More Money


There are thousands of bloggers who make money blogging. And you would be surprised to know that one can easily set up a blog. To promote your business or to promote your products, blogging is the best way. You can also make use of your blog and promote others products and business to earn more […]

The 5 Most Important SEO Factors


When it is about increasing organic traffic, it is definitely a must that one practices efficient on-page SEO and powerful off-page SEO as well. This is the only major key to the door organic traffic. When SEO is practiced faultlessly and properly, organic traffic always flows in. You must definitely know that there are several […]

How To Make Your WordPress Blog Spam Free

Spam Free WordPress Blog

Today We are discussing about How To Make Your WordPress Blog Spam Free. WordPress is one of the powerful and famous open source blogging software. Most of blogs are wordpress as it is free and easy. So spammers can easily target the wordpress blogs. I am talking about spam comments. Most of spammers are looking […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Blogger Template


Blogger is one of the greatest platforms to start your blogging career. Blogger by default provides you with a good of set basic templates to get started but there are thousands of other third party templates available on the internet. Most of those templates are well formatted with enough features, widgets, social sharing buttons, subscription […]